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Our Activities 2014-2015

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During 20-22 December 2013, We visited Khao Krapook-Khao Ta mo Non-hunting Area, Petchaburi. We investigated seedling surviving rate in reforestation areas. This work collaborated with PTT oficers, DNP officers, and Kasetsart University research team.
Conference 2014
Activities of January-March 2014
Expedition Notes
@ Spider from Thongphaphum

@ 23-24 Jan.2014, Thai Forest Ecological Research Network. Forestry Faculty, Kasetsart University, Bangkok.
@ 24-29 Aug.2014, 28th European Congress of Arachnology. Torino, Italy.

Learning with our project: the Holistic conservation of biodiversity, was supported by UNDP, SGP, and GEF. There are many group, villagers, and people joint with our activities.

@ 11-12 Jan.2014 : plant biodiversity at Kongdin
@ 13-15 Jan.2014 : expedtion at Huai Yang NP.
@ 25-31 Jan. 2014 : expedition at Chanthaburi
@ 10-12 Feb. 2014 : youth camp at Khaoyai NP.
@ 14-18 Feb. 2014 : expedition at Sakaerat ER.
@ 19-21 Feb. 2014 : youth camp at Khaoyai NP.
@ 1-4 March. 2014 : youth camp at Hat Vanakorn NP.

Nature History Course
To increase knowledge and experience in nature education and community base ecotourism, the Thainec staff and villagers trianed and made expedition in mangrove forest at Ban Kongdin, Rayong during 27-28 November 2013